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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My First Loc Blog Entry!

Hey everyone! I've just created a new blog--this one will be loc related. I'll post here about my loc journey, my feelings, perceptions and views on locing, inspirational pictures, and anything else that I feel relate to my loc journey. Hope you all enjoy reading--this will sorta be like an online loc diary. Feel free to leave comments, questions, opposing viewpoints, etc., but please make sure to be respectful of my page and me and keep it clean!

Now for my big news--IT'S MY SIX MONTH NAPPAVERSARY!! Well, technically it's on July 4th, but hey--what's a couple of days? I am so excited--I posted new pictures in a new fotki album:; album name is the loc journey continues--month 6! Time seems to have gone by so fast and I just can't believe the progress that I've made. My hair is almost 6 inches long (starting from about 1/2 inch on January 4th!) The coils no longer look like coils so much and my hair has thickened up and you can hardly see any scalp when I retwist my hair. It's just been absolutely amazing. I'm still loving the journey!
Speaking of retwisting, I washed my hair on Friday (my off day) and I decided not to twist the roots this time, to try to begin lengthening the time in between my retwists. Don't want those roots to get stressed and start thinning! It's kind of a new feeling for me because of course my locs don't looked quite as polished but guess what? It doesn't seem that anyone noticed anything horribly amiss at work--they just commented on the fact that my hair seems to be getting thicker and fuller! I guess that it just looks a little more messy to me; guess I'm really a little more anal about the way my locs look and the neatness factor than I thought (smile). I think I'll be all right though, once I get used to it.
Just an aside, my Youtube videos are gaining more subscribers! This is just amazing to me since I just posted the first couple of videos so that my family could share in my journey. I have now at last count 20 subscribers and my videos range in topic from loc care/maintenance to makeup to responses to others on philosophical topics. If ya wanna see my videos, the link is; this will take you to my channel and from there you can see a listing of all my videos thus far. Who knew that I would gain a following?!?
Guess I need to wrap this up for now. I haven't eaten anything all day and I guess it's about time. By the way, if you want to read my other blog (which I guess is more a beauty blog) the link is Yep, I've got two of them now to keep up with and I will try my best to do just that! Just don't shoot me if I don't add to each one on a daily basis. I hope this is entertaining for you at the very least, and perhaps even a little education, in a fun sort of way. Be blessed, hugs and peace to all of you! janel

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NaturaLocs said...

so glad to see your progress. your baby locs look similar to my iddy-biddy newbies :D

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