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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Correction To My Last Post!

Hey everyone! Just a quick correction to my timeline in my last post. My locs are almost 17 MONTHS OLD! This on June 4, 2009...Okay, so I couldn't count the day I posted (LOL). Still, quite an accomplishment--and me and my locs are still together!!! Time seems to be really flying now--is that because I'm getting old or just becasue? Anyway, just wanted to make the correction--have a great evening!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Quick Post!

Hey everyone! It's me again with another quick post...I just found out the KUMINA has awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award and now I have to pass it on. Here's how it works: the recipient has to list 7 things that they love and then passes this award to seven other bloggers and then they do the same and so on and so forth, so a big THANK YOU to Kumina ( for passing this to me. Love ya girl!!
Seven Things I Love (in no particular order):
1) MY LOCS! I can't imagine myself without they anymore--they are me!!!
2) The color red--I don't care what the object is, pretty, ugly, pretty ugly, whatever--if it's red I
will love it!
3) My granddaughter Spanky--she is such a sweetie. Grandma's little Spanky-girl!
4) My family, extended family, close friends (you all know who you are) and all of those people
that have given me mad support through all the "stuff" through the years.
5) My God-the creator and the finisher, the all in all of my life. His guidance hasn't failed me
yet, even though I'm sure that I've failed Him countless time--but still He loves me!
6) My sewing/quilting/embroidery/jewelry-making/singing talents that have been given to be
by my God, although I don't get to exercise them nearly enough (sigh)
7) My makeup collection--it's growing by leaps and bounds and is yet another way for me to
express my creative abilities.
I'm not really sure who I can call out for the tag individually, so I will tag anyone who reads this and I will go to individual blogs as I think of them and tag those individuals. Thanks to all who subscribe and follow my blogs and be blessed!
HELLLLOOO, Everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted to this blog, and I do apologize for that. So far, this year has been flying by--can you believe that we're already at the half-way mark? I was so hoping that I would have another, less stressful job at this point in time, but alas, it is just not to be right now. I know, I should be grateful that I have a job, right? What with the way the economy is and people losing jobs, homes, etc. left, right and sideways--and I am grateful because I truly know that it could be worse for me. However, ...LOL!

Anyway, just thought I'd post a few pics of my locs as they are nearing their 15 month anniversary...15 MONTHS Y'ALL! Can you believe it?!? And I can remember when they were at that "do whatever WE WANT" stage and not "do whatever I" want stage. they have condensed and firmed up and have some length on them now ("shake dem dreads"!) and they truly look like locs. I've been "semi-free forming"--not retwisting for 2-3 months at a time now and I love the way it looks! Even from the beginning, I wasn't that into the "tightly twisted, see every single part and lots of scalp" look; I thought it made my hair took too scrawny. Now, everything looks really full and lush. and, I have to tell y'all this--one of my customers at the store (thank God I know her as a regular customer) came up to me about a week ago and touched my hair and said "I've been wanting to see how your hair feels. It looks gorgeous on you and it's so much softer than I would have guessed!" Now, mind you we don't hang out or anything like that but she does shop my store all the time, so I didn't feel violated, but I was a little surprised that she would touch my hair without asking. But the best part of it all was that she just raved over how soft my hair was and how pretty she thought it looked! "Course y'all know that I didn't do this for style, but for me; however it was really nice that someone else chose to validate at least a part of what I have already been feeling. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pics and I'll try to post again really soon! Be blessed...

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