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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My First Attempt At A Loc Updo

Hello all! Just a quick posting with a couple of pictures of my first attempt at a loc updo...I just love updo's! I wore them all the time as a permie and also as a loose nap, and now I've got enough length on my locs to do a modified updo....YEAH!!! All right, enough cheering...on to the pics:

Sorry that I couldn't get the lighting a little better and a better closeup for detail, but here's what I did to achieve the look: I divided the back of my head in half (more or less) and created two under-handed french braids that run from the nape of my neck to the crown. I pinned the ends of the braids to hold. The rest of the locs were lightly misted with a mixture of water, rosemary e/o and a little veggie glycerine and set on satin covered sponge rollers, using end papers. The rollers were left in overnight, unrolled in the morning and...VOILA! a curly updo. I thought it came out pretty cute--I'll wrap it up tonight and see just how long I can keep the style. I'm so excited--my locs are finally long enough to allow me some styling options! If any of you divas out there have suggestions on additional short loc styles, please let me know! Much love and blessings...janel

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back In The Saddle...

Hello all you kings and queens...I know that it's been a while since i've posted. This was completely unintentional on my part and if you are a faithful follower of this blog, I do humbly apologize. Have had some major issues at work: I've lost four employees (one of which was my only supervisor), I was down with the flu (seriously down) for the better part of a week and recovery has been really slow. I'm now currently putting in 60+ hours at work until I can get a new person hired into one of the two supervisory slots that I have open and trained. I'm coming home dead tired (literally) each day, and in the short term, it's not going to get any easier. make this posting loc related--you know that flu that I had really did a job on my hair indirectly. I was running a temperature of 105 degrees (yep, it was the real-deal flu!) for several days and you just wouldn't believe how dehydrated my hair and skin became! My skin was flaky and had really fine lines especially around my cheeks and forehead, and my poor hair--dry, flaky, itchy scalp, and crispy, crunchy locs. I swear, they sounded like cellophane paper crinkling when you touched them! I was in a panic, let me tell you. I put out a call to my YouTube loc buddies for some suggested remedies and several of them came through--most of all it was going to take time and I had to work on getting my internal fluid levels back on an even keel. Adding vegetable glycerine to my daily spritz helped, along with some extra conditioning. My hair and scalp feel a lot better now, although I am still having a little problems with flakiness. I'm sure that will eventually right itself. Anyway, I hope this post finds all of you in good health and high spirits and looking forward to spring! I shall endeavor to post a little more often in the coming weeks and by all means please feel free to comment and offer suggestions for topics for discussion! Be blessed and talk with ya later!
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