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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hey folks--here it is: the headwrap tutorial! thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy and learn...blessings!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey there, folks! Well, I promised an update on the pipe cleaner spiral set and ...there is no update! LOL Well, sorta an update...the experiment was a bust, at least this time around. Guess i need to practice my technique for rolling up the locs, 'cause the curls just weren't "spiral" like they came out in the YouTube demo videos. I dunno--maybe I just don't have enough length yet for the curl to look right? maybe i need to do only one loc per pipe cleaner, instead of the two that I did (but in Chescaleigh's vid she rolled two at a time and her locs are super long!) Anyway, guess I'll practice up and try it again, maybe this weekend--oh wait, that means I'll be rolling hair during the Super Bowl...Aww, what the heck--anything for the sake of beautiful, spiral locs HAHA! I'll take pictures this time--good, bad or ugly, all right?!? Blessings...
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