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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Great BUILD-UP Issue

Hello all you loc-lovers! I'm feelig a little better after having to wash my hair in freezing cold water the other day. Yeah, I survived, but I REALLY wasn't happy about it--I HATE WASHING IN COLD WATER! Anyway, (I hope) that the water heater for this building has either been repaired/replaced and now I'm going to rewash my hair using HOT water. I don't know about anyone else, but especially for my hair, it just doesn't feel like it's clean unless I've used warm/hot water. Maybe it's just me being crazy...(it's not like I haven't been crazy before! LOL)

All of this brings me to the dreaded issue of LOC BUILD-UP--why does this seem to be such a problem? It seems to me that if you are washing your head thoroughly and rinsing VERY thoroughly, you wouldn't have that much of a build-up problem. Now, I know that product choice has some bearing on the matter, but still... Very oily products would seem to be of some concern, but then again, if you use these types of product in your hair/locs, it would seem reasonable to me that you would wash your hair a little more often to make sure that the product doesn't become embedded in the loc and it would seem reasonable that you would really scrub the hair and scalp and then pay particular attention to rinsing out the product. Am I making this just a little too simplistic? All the stuff I read on the loc lists about using apple cider vinegar rinses (AVC) and baking soda rinses and such goings this really necessary? I would think that we all would know by now how to wash our hair--if you're loc'd, you'll just have to take a little more time to work the shampoo into the scalp and through the locs, since the shampoo/water mix can't flow through as freely as it does when one is a loose nap. Then, after careful scrubbing, be sure to rinse very, very thoroughly with lots of running water to flush out all the debris. Repeat the process if you wish. Just that simple, in my opinion. This can even be accomplished with cold water, though of course this is not my preference! People, this is not rocket science, nor is it an exceedingly complicated task. To avoid most build-up issues, just wash and rinse your hair thoroughly as often as it needs it! Be blessed, hugs, and peace...janel


Thandi said...

Hope the water heater has been fixed!

.Kiana. said...

i like the ACV/baking soda rinse because it breaks up the residue and i had only gotten the residue when i used Selson Blue professional formula shampoo (i think i stayed in the shower for like two hours trying to thoroughly wash my hair and STILL had buildup only at the roots with the shampoo!

SO! i used the ACV/Baking soda/Eternal (scented Oil) rinse and since then TaDa! no more residue lol!

sometimes its not the washing, but the shampoo itself but i havent used it since and i loved how clean selsun blue made my head feel.
Love your blog!!

JustLocs said...

I think that it is simply a lack on knowledge of ingredients. For that reason I keep it simple. I only use products with ingredients that I can read without having to utilize my college education. I also like short ingredient list. Just keep it simple and rinse, rinse, rinse.

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