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Thursday, January 21, 2010


hey all! thought i'd cross post this video that i have up on youtube--it's a response to shaggylocs7's "shake dem locs" tag. this was really fun to do! check out his channel--he's got skills! blessings to all of you!


msfullroller said...

This was the best tag ever. I had a blast doing my response. Shake em' girl!

cheleski(Shelll-skeeee) said...

hey girl!
what you mean lookin 4 me ? we're FB friends! lol. So, that means you have direct access to me! I may disappear from blogspot-bc i feel like im talkin to myself all of the time-and nosey people, i havent decided how much i will continue to 'share' in such an open internet world anymore. but here's another link to me. But you have to have a fotki acct so I can friend you. Then you can see the pictures through the years.

Anyway-2 years! wow! unbelievable! shake what cha mama gave ya!!!! i love your locks! they truely have blossomed into a beautiful bouquet!

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